Where and When

The Brisbane Anarchist Summer School will be held on 12th – 13th January, 2013.

It will be at Queen Alexandra House, 347 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo. For a map click here.

To find your way around Brisbane on public transport, use the Translink Journey Planner.

The venue has disability access, and is air-conditioned. Some of the conditions of use are no dogs, no alcohol and all rubbish is to be removed.

There is no cost to attend the Summer School, and no bookings required. It’s free, and just turn up.

After an amazing amount of work the program timetable is finalised!!  BASS13 collective is are glad to have it ready for download here.

What is special about the program, is that we have been successful in getting an equal gender balance for workshop presenters. One of the goals of the BASS13 collective is to make the event as inclusive and accessible as possible, for everyone. We also have a very good balance of different aged people participating. This is to help get past the ‘gender gap’ that has existed in Brisbane’s anarchist movement.

A number of other events have been organised around the Summer School. The details will be posted as they are confirmed. But we can say that ….

  • Friday night, 11th January will be The Anarchist Ball. A Brisbane tradition from the early 1990’s which has fallen by the wayside of recent times. Basically it’s where we all get together and have a bloody big party. It is confirmed to be at Brews Brothers, 31 Wellington Rd, Woolloongabba. It’s gunna be big. For details, click here.
  • Saturday night, 12th January will be a dinner and an acoustic music night at Turnstyle Social Centre.


  1. I know if a great band from Coffs Harbour NSW who would love to participate in the Anarchist Ball.. They are called Matty Effin Morrison and are a Punk Rock band focused on Environmental sustainability, Animal rights and freedom from religious slavery…
    Also if you need a sound engineer or any help with set up etc always more than happy to help.
    – Razza

    • hey thanks mate, will get back to you about the band. But having someone to do the sound would be a great help.


  2. I know it is really late to ask, but is there anywhere we can set up a tent?

    • Anyone offering billets, or needing billets should meet up in the carpark of Brews Brothers at 4pm today (Friday 11th) – 31 Wellington Rd, Woolloongabba.

  3. hi 🙂 im looking to meet people to talk to in order to expand upon my own ideas and learn new ones from others in anarchism, soveriegnty and the like, but am very new to this and havent been easily able to find links or contacts to anybody in brisbane, can you help me? im gutted i missed the summer school events!

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